Changing the Game by David Edery & Ethan Mollick

Changing the Game

Changing the Game

As I finish listening to the last chapter of “Changing the Game: How Video-games are Transforming the Future of Business” by David Edery and Ethan Mollick (downloaded it from, I thought I’d jot down a few ideas for future reference. The book has a companion website:

The book discusses how video games impact businesses in terms of marketing and employee training: informative, enjoyable, and accessible even for non-gamers.

Some of the games and virtual realities discussed by the authors include: World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel, Grant Theft Auto, The Sims, Solitaire, Second Life, Neverwinter Nights, America’s Army, Peacemakers (system thinking),

Here are some points that may have implications for general education purposes. Video games are great at teaching three things:

  • system thinking (ability to consider complexity of decision making processes)
  • team work skills (ability to collaborate, make group decisions, and be a leader)
  • experiential learning (application of skills in real life, albeit this real-life is simulated)