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I find Larry’s blog tremendously helpful for myself as a teacher trainer and ESL/EFL curriculum developer and teacher. As far I can tell, he works primarily with middle and high school kids in an ESL setting, hence his focus not only on ESL/EFL, butĀ content, which is one reason why I like his take on online resources. I dare say , his blog ranks one of the best among ESL/EFL practitioners.

Larry Ferlazzo isĀ one list master out there. I figured I’d create a list about his many lists. Here it goes:

The best of online ESL/EFL teacher videos – highlights a few links to websites with ESL/EFL teachers in action (posted ).

The best web 2.0 apps for education – a list of 31 online applications for ESL/EFL classroom use with brief annotations (posted Sept. 2008).

The best online learning games – a list of twenty online games for content and ESL/EFL learning (posted July 2008)

The best of 2007 – a compilation of a number of lists of websites and online applications that Larry considers the best

I may add a few other lists as I keep visiting Larry’s blog.


  1. Larry Ferlazzo Said,

    June 18, 2011@ 8:50 am      


    Thanks for the kind words. Glad you find the resources helpful.


  2. irshat Said,

    June 19, 2011@ 1:45 pm      

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, Larry :-)

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